Mail Manager wins big:Nine new customers in February!

Posted by Rudy Parker on 11-Mar-2019 16:21:12


'Mail Manager is transforming our business. I can't imagine going back to filing and searching with Outlook again. We have been looking for a simple and quick process for the filing of emails, and Mail Manager does exactly this.'

Mark Hickson, Managing Director, T&B Contractors

'(Mail Manager) With prompting that can't easily be ignored and the ability to find that important email within seconds, saving everyone time, and money'

 Justin Corneby, IT Manager, SEH French


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A Glimpse of BIM

Posted by Rudy Parker on 06-Mar-2019 16:40:43

It was lucky for me that this event was called 'a glimpse of BIM', since I'm new to the business. This event gave e a general '30,000 ft' overview of the industry rather than going into minute detail.

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28 Hands adds 7 new customers this month

Posted by Rudy Parker on 19-Feb-2019 14:36:41

At Mail Manager, We love to celebrate our new customers. So first off, Here they are, all seven of them, who have adopted Mail Manager this month:

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7 guidelines to flawless design by Frank Lloyd Wright

Posted by Rudy Parker on 13-Feb-2019 23:09:02

Ever since I read the book 'The Fountainhead' by Ayn Rand, I've been obsessed by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright; The book's protagonist, 'Howard Roark' is modelled on Frank Lloyd Wright.

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5 ways to clean up your inbox

Posted by Rudy Parker on 08-Feb-2019 17:50:25

5 Ways to stop wasting time with your email

The average professional spends 28% of the work day reading and answering email, according to a McKinsey analysis.

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Big little hacks to take you a long way in work

Posted by Rudy Parker on 05-Feb-2019 16:59:22

Since 28 Hands is committed to helping make you more productive by saving hours of tedious work finding and filing emails, I thought I'd attend an event talking about the latest craze 'Productivity hacks'

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Making Email Work Better for Construction Projects

Posted by Joanne Waddell on 10-Jan-2019 09:33:47

We are delighted to announce that Mail Manager from 28Hands now integrates with Viewpoint For Projects. 

Email is a large part of contractors’ communication and collaboration process. The reliance on email isn’t just an internal issue. Many subcontractors, vendors, material providers, architects, owners and others involved with projects also still rely on email as a chief form of communication.  This led us to working with Viewpoint and enhance user experiences by streamlining email by integrating Mail Manager with Viewpoint For Projects. 

You can find out more on this announcement here

To find out more about how Mail Manager can help you reduce risk and increase collaboration on projects you can click the button below 

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