Remove administrative tasks to unlock business efficiency

    by Mail Manager
    15 Jan, 2020
    Administrative tasks routinely rank among the most disliked jobs that people do in both their working and personal lives. Furthermore, some of the most routine parts of any job also rank among the...

    Why email is silently killing your business

    by Mail Manager
    2 Jan, 2020
    Way back in 2007, a guest blog in the July/August issue of Fast Company proclaimed “Email is dead” and even proclaimed RSS feeds would come to businesses’ rescue. It wasn’t the first to predict...

    Smarter, faster, better: How email can revolutionise your business

    by Mail Manager
    17 Dec, 2019
    Back in 2014, businesses’ poor communication levels led a Forbes contributor to suggest such drastic measures as slashing emails by 90% and banning email and social media for one day per week. Yet...

    Podcast Episode 4: The digitisation of the Construction industry with Paul Wilkinson

    by Mail Manager
    28 Nov, 2019
    Welcome to the next episode of the ‘Changing Construction As We Know It’ podcast, the podcast designed to help people in Construction address the big challenges they face and discuss the key...

    How email empowers the deliverability of projects

    by Mail Manager
    26 Nov, 2019
    History has repeatedly proven that necessity will drive changes that swiftly become the accepted norm. Twenty years ago, for example, most homes didn’t have fast-speed internet, early mobile...

    Podcast Episode 3: The business case for Digital Twins with Rob Charlton

    by Mail Manager
    18 Nov, 2019
    Welcome to the next episode of the ‘Changing Construction As We Know It’ podcast, the podcast designed to help people in Construction address the big challenges they face and discuss the key...

    Reaching ‘Inbox Zero’ in Outlook

    by Mail Manager
    11 Nov, 2019
    We all know that person who has 45,000+ unread emails. Or, maybe it’s you. 

    Email management 101

    by Mail Manager
    6 Nov, 2019
    Over 269 billion emails  were sent and received each day in 2017 alone. This figure is expected to increase to over 333 billion daily emails by 2022. Additionally, in 2018 the number of global...

    Podcast Episode 2: Avoiding contract disputes with Sarah Fox

    by Mail Manager
    30 Oct, 2019
    Welcome to episode 2 of the ‘Changing Construction As We Know It’ podcast, the podcast designed to help people in Construction address the big challenges they face and discuss the key themes...

    Podcast Episode 1: Women in BIM with Vicki Reynolds

    by Mail Manager
    17 Oct, 2019
    We’re delighted to announce the first episode of our new podcast, ‘Changing Construction As We Know It’. Hosted by Jacob Wardrop and Chris Smith, the podcast is designed to help people in...

    Mail Manager stories: 5 real-world use cases

    by Mail Manager
    30 Sep, 2019
    As with every technology solution, our customers want to know how they can actually use the solution to address their challenges and pain points. We love to address how businesses and users...

    Fed up of Outlook’s Public Folders?

    by Mail Manager
    11 Sep, 2019
    Frustrated by Public Folders? You aren’t alone. We hear this all the time. Yes, Outlook is the go-to email platform for most businesses, however, it was never designed to file and share the volume...

    The 7 deadly sins of email management

    by Mail Manager
    9 Sep, 2019
    When it comes to email management, your challenges can be addressed with just a small few tweaks that result in big gains. The question is - what small tweaks and where to get started? Here are...

    Mail Manager announces global engineering company Robert Bird Group

    by Mail Manager
    2 Sep, 2019
    Robert Bird Group, the privately-owned global consulting engineering firm, with over 650 staff across more than 11 global offices, is the latest engineering firm to choose Mail Manager to improve...

    How to set up a perfect software trial and measure its success

    by Mail Manager
    2 Sep, 2019
    We hear it all the time - why should I bother doing a free software trial and how can I measure its success? It’s a good question. Too often, businesses sign up to try something and then never...

    The productivity headache facing the Oil and Gas Industry

    by Mail Manager
    29 Aug, 2019
    Three of the main problems faced by businesses in the Oil & Gas industry are improving collaboration, developing a high performing culture and reducing costs to remain competitive. These problems...

    Four actionable email management tips for Outlook

    by Mail Manager
    12 Aug, 2019
    If you are a project-based business, email is probably a critical part of how you operate

    Construction’s Joint Regulatory Group pushing ‘Digital by Default’

    by Mail Manager
    8 Aug, 2019
    Following the Grenfell disaster, there has been a push for a “golden thread” of information about building design and maintenance to improve safety. Historically, the emphasis has been on BIM &...

    Email management: The importance of knowing where your email data is

    by Mail Manager
    6 Aug, 2019
    After the British ambassador to the US, Kim Darroch, lost his job as a result of information leaks, the emphasis on email management is back on the agenda. 

    Q&A with Faith Wainwright, Arup Director

    by Mail Manager
    29 Jul, 2019
    Faith Wainwright is a Director of Arup and a leader of Arup University. Faith manages the backbone of technical excellence in Arup - the Skills Networks, which enable Arup to deliver the best of...

    3 reasons to take email seriously

    by Chris Smith
    15 Jul, 2019
    Despite the emergence of new communications tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, email remains critical in the modern organisation. Not only is it still a key channel for communication, but it...

    Mail Manager expands its international reach with appointment of African partner

    by Mail Manager
    4 Jul, 2019
    Agile appointed as first African reseller for Mail Manager.

    Mail Manager wins big: Nine new customers in February!

    by Mail Manager
    11 Mar, 2019
      "Mail Manager is transforming our business. I can't imagine going back to filing and searching with Outlook again. We have been looking for a simple and quick process for the filing of emails,...

    28 Hands adds 7 new customers this month

    by Mail Manager
    19 Feb, 2019
    At Mail Manager, We love to celebrate our new customers. So first off, Here they are, all seven of them, who have adopted Mail Manager this month:

    5 ways to clean up your inbox

    by Mail Manager
    8 Feb, 2019
    The average professional spends 28% of the work day reading and answering email, according to a McKinsey analysis.

    Making email work better for construction projects

    by Mail Manager
    10 Jan, 2019
    We are delighted to announce that Mail Manager now integrates with Viewpoint for Projects!